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The effects of peptides on the human body

The effect of peptides on the human body

  • Relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, and make people energetic
  • Stabilize blood pressure, improve blood lipid and blood viscosity, and improve skin condition

  • Improve digestive function, significantly improve liver and kidney problems, improve vision in presbyopia and cataract

  • Enhance memory, relieve brain atrophy, Parkinson's and other comprehensive problems

  • White hair is reduced, and it has obvious repairing effect on various organs; blood sugar of diabetic patients has improved

  • Improve skin condition, reduce wrinkles, reduce age spots and increase bone density

  • Enhance immunity, fundamental improvement of presbyopia and cataract

The scientists came to the conclusion through research

Active peptides are important substances that communicate information between cells and organs. They perform their subtle communication functions through endocrine, neuroendocrine, and neurosecretory actions, so that the body can be combined into a series of highly rigorous control systems to regulate growth, development, reproduction, Life processes such as metabolism and behavior.

Research in this area is of great significance not only in theory, but also in practice. It is one of the sources of medical research, such as high blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, psychosis, immune dysfunction, abnormal sexual development, and sexual function. The causes and treatments of hypoxia, osteoporosis and malformations are directly related to active peptides.

Many important topics among biological scientists, such as cell differentiation, immune defense, anti-aging and anti-aging, reproductive control, biological clock rhythm, and molecular evolution, all involve related active peptides. Including cytokines, kinins and various polypeptide growth factors.

Relevant data display

After the active peptide enters the human body, it is fissioned into human growth factors in the liver, thereby producing a series of physiological functions on the human body. After years of research, scientists have found that the secretion of active peptides in the body will gradually decrease after the age of 30, which will cause the cells to gradually shrink, slow down and lose their original vitality.

At this time, tissues and organs are slowly shrinking, their functions are gradually degraded, and the body begins to be diseased. By supplementing peptides, it can fully activate and repair the cells of the whole body, promote the absorption of nutrients by the cells and the elimination of metabolic waste; and can inhibit cell degeneration, eliminate free radicals, and enhance the body's resistance to diseases and self-healing power

Excerpt from the wechat public account taiweikan "Peptide after taking 6 months of amazing change!"